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Web systems

What is it?

Web systems are softwares that use the web as a platform.

How does it work?

A local machine is not required; the system runs on a web server which allows the remote access by the user, so to use this system a computer with internet access is required.

What are the pros?

  1. Infrastructure is not required.

  1. All the data is stored in a web server which also has its backup daily updated granting the best safety against data loss.

  1. The software can be accessed from anywhere, all it takes is a machine connected to the internet.

How do we proceed?

According to the process of MPS.Br seal model we developed solutions that best apply to the clients’ necessities.

We use state of the art in programming and in data base as well.


For further information or hiring one of our services, please contact our commercial department.


The internet is one of the most effective communication systems now a day. Having a website is as important as having an address or a place assuming that in the last few years many companies were created due to the use of internet to spread their business.

According to the tendencies of Web 2.0, we’ve developed dynamic sites and portals for clients of all segments

“People from the communication area affirm say that those companies which don’t fit in this new kind of media tend to lose their market and, in the future, may have their business seriously compromised.” -administradores.com.br

Why should I choose Balancium Web?

Many companies and free lancers who offer their services at a low market price may deliver their jobs but aren’t able to offer the necessary support throughout time.

We work to establish a long term relationship with the clients that starts when the site is delivered.

Content manager

If the client doesn’t have some internet management knowledge he/she will still be able to update their website content through the tool EQmanager.


The consulting service is also offered which is totally our responsibility to feed the websites or the clients’ portals.


We also offer support to companies that focus their profit on producing activities giving all the necessary support from installing to maintenance and also the technical infrastructure, always using a certified team to manage that.

Infrastructure services:

Service Desk

Remote Support

Hardware Maintenance

Staff management

Data base and Operational System Administration

Antivirus Management

Backup Management


Environment Management

Dedicated or shared via our Shared Services Center

Windows (client and server)



Data base


Risk Analysis

Vulnerability analysis

Plans of continuity and business contingency.