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Founded in 1949, the Federation of Commerce of Goods, Services and Tourism in the State of Pará is a trade union entity responsible for representing one of the main sectors of the economy: trade in goods, services and tourism. One year after its foundation, in 1950 the Federation affiliates to the National Confederation of the Commerce (CNC).

Through its participation in state and municipal bodies, scientific councils, where it contributes through debates, information and propositions for decisions and formulation of economic, administrative, social and environmental policy guidelines, Fecomércio-PA is committed to guarantee the interests of sectors of the commerce of goods, services and tourism of Pará.

In addition to ensuring the interests of these segments and contributing to its development, Fecomércio-PA also manages the Fecomércio / Sesc / Senac-PA System, a reference in actions aimed at promoting social development.



Promote and encourage business growth in the sectors of trade in goods, services and tourism in the state of Pará, in harmony with sustainable development and seeking to strengthen affiliated unions. Their commitment is to be closer and closer to companies in the trade of goods, services and tourism.



To be recognized as a faithful representative of the business community in the commerce of goods, services and tourism with a strong influence on the development of the State of Pará

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