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Nível FFounded in 2004, BALANCIUM WEB was born very small but full with big goals. Since then a couple of years have passed and a lot of experience was acquired, our structure has increased and the achieved goals were replaced by bigger ones. BALANCIUM WEB has expanded and is now known as one of the best companies in the IT field. Committed to offer to our clients the best products and services, In 2009 the preparation for the MPS.Br (process improvement of Brazilian software) certification was started. Nearly a year after some adjustments and trainings, we were evaluated and later in June of 2010 certified with the MPS.Br seal (level G); a never before achievement for a company from the north of the country. In 2011 we started the preparations for a bigger step at the MPS.Br seal level and in July, 21st of 2013 we reached the certification level F which has proved that the company has been looking for enhancements to compete with other companies in the field, and even with a established process and a role to be followed the company prioritizes not only the relationship with the client but also the interpersonal one so the product we sell reaches the exactly reflect, or the closest, of what was ordered. Our relation with the clients and an observation over the market have increased the demand of IT services in the field and so have our variety of clients from several parts of the market, some government departments are one of these clients. We work hard not only to have more clients but also to keep them with us.

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