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The desire of people to overcome the difficulties of everyday life and the sensitivity of others to find the means necessary to meet the collective needs of their peers has historically determined the emergence of cooperatives. Finally, solidarity is the foundation of the ideal that originated cooperative societies, including credit.

With COOPEMESP it was no different. In October 1992, a movement involving 28 employees of the former Federal Technical School of São Paulo began, which, given the difficulties resulting from the loss of purchasing power of federal public servants over the last 25 years, resulted in the creation of COOTEFESP – Cooperativa de Crédito Mútuo of the Servers of the Federal Technical School in São Paulo, whose area of ​​action covered exclusively the ETFSP.

On August 30, 1999, when the membership consisted of approximately 450 members, the Extraordinary General Assembly approved the expansion of the area of ​​action for the other institutions linked to the Ministry of Education in São Paulo: REMEC – Representation of the MEC in São Paulo and UNIFESP – Federal University of São Paulo.

From that date, the cooperative was renamed COOPEMESP – Cooperativa de Crédito Mútuo de Servidores de Ministério da Educação in São Paulo. After a year, the membership increased to 922 affiliates, reaching 1,586 in 2005 and currently suffered a small reduction, being close to 1400.

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