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Founded in 2007, the current Amazon Foundation for Research and Studies of Pará was created to be responsible for fostering science, technology and innovation research in the state of Pará.

In 2009, the Foundation regulated its internal regulations through Decree No. 1,656, of May 12, 2009 and on February 25, 2010, its statute was approved through Decree No. 2,133.

In 2011, with the change of governmental management, the institution has been through several reformulations as the insertion of the terms “Amazônia Paraense” in the name of the Foundation. This change was based on the need to put Pará as an important part of the world’s best-evidenced region, since the state is the second largest federal unit in the Amazon region and in Brazil, therefore, possessing a good part of the most valuable bioma of the planet.

On May 9, 2012, the Governor Simão Robson de Oliveira Jatene has pledged Complementary Law n. 82, which amends the name and provisions of Complementary Law No. 61, which established the Foundation for Research Support of the State of Pará – FAPESPA, which was renamed Amazonia Paraense Foundation for Research Support, with the purpose of designing the Foundation to the international scenario, and to fulfill the principles of the new structure.

In a new administrative reform in the State Government, the promulgation of Complementary Law No. 098, of January 1, 2015, restructured the Amazonia Paraense Foundation for Research Support, which now includes the Economic, Social and Environmental Development Institute of Pará (Idesp ), becoming the Amazon Foundation for Support to Studies and Research in Pará, strengthening as an institution of support and promotion to research and establishing itself as a strategic organ in the elaboration and monitoring of public policies for the effective development of the state of Pará.

Currently, Fapespa has seven boards. Two considered of middle area, that are the Administrative Directorates and the one of Planning, Budget and Finances; two in the area of ​​promotion and support to research, which are those of Technical and Scientific Operations; and three in the area of ​​research, which are those of Socioeconomic Studies and Research and Conjunctural Analysis, Research in Environmental Studies and Statistics and Technology and Information Management.

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