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Casa do Caldo

We are proud to say that we’ve reached our 20th anniversary, serving Paraense people, great quality food and flavor, always celebrating our regional cuisine.

Our specialty is soup. We do not give up the quality, taste and variety.

We serve delicious soups, only at dinner, in Self-Service system (Buffet per person or individual portion). There are more than 30 specialties of broths/ soups /creams and porridges, depending on the day.

Only Casa do Caldo has the differentials:

  1. We daily offer in our Buffet 10 tastes of soups / cremes and a porridge (see weekly menu);

  2. In our Buffet the customer is served at will (as if he were in his house);

  3. The client has a variety of buffet;

  4. We offer the largest variety of flavors of broth and porridge;

  5. We open from Sunday to Sunday, which means, every day;

  6. We have delivery service every day;

  7. We have the travel service: where the client takes home the broth he liked most;

  8. We provide soups for events. contact us;

  9. Refrigerated Environment – Hi-Fi;

Come and see the best and most traditional Casa de Boudo de Belém. Suitable place for celebrations and events. Bring your family and friends.

We are looking forward to meet you and your family!

Luiz Carvalho

Owner and cook

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Site: www.casadocaldo.com.br