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How to choose the company that will develop my site?

Let’s identify some steps that you should evaluate?

1. Portfolio and References

A consolidated company has a diversified portfolio of portfolio, see if the company presents this, be wary if your customers are very specific.

Good relationships with your customers is essential. Get in touch with your customers and see what they say about the company that did the service.

– Quality of Service – assess aspects such as pro-activity, availability and technical knowledge of the area;
– Deadlines for delivery of layouts, programming and contents;
– Maintenance support – if the contact is easy, if the maintenance is done within the established deadlines;
– Return on investment – whether the site is bringing potential new customers or not;
– Pre-Project / Budget

2. Team

A business that’s developing must have people with skills at least:

– In Requirements Analysis, that professional who together with you will help to organize the ideas and build the site;
– In design (responsible for creating the layout) that will transform your ideas into something visual;
– In programming you will build the tool that you will use;
– Organization and posting of content;
– Support, that contact that will probably train you to use the tool at the end of construction and that will be your help when you have questions or need to resolve some nonconformity.

3. Company Posture

Always evaluate companies that give you a value as soon as “face” without really identifying what you want or need. Without presenting you with a pre-project or a document containing the main points discussed. Thus avoiding situations like: “I thought this or that was included … now I have to pay more?”

Remember that your website is your identity on the internet and that once available to your customers, can always be mentioned positively or negatively.