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About MPS.BR

The MPS.BR – Process improvement of brazilian software is a program to improve the develop of brazilian companies, under the inspection of Softex – Association for promotion of excelence of brazilian software, supported by MCTI – Science and Technology and innovation Ministery since December of 2003.

Its main goal is to develop and spread improvement roles that best supply the necessities of the Brazilian Software and Services of IT. Two models are reference: MPS-SW for software and the latest MPS-SV for IT services.


As other goals but not less important, these models aim to support not only the mPME – micro, small and medium companies(main aim) but also the big public and private organizations(second aim) to establish an economical path that is applicable so they can reach the benefits of process improvement and the use of software engineering and the IT services.


The MPS-SW model, during 10 years of existence thanks to the Triple Helices collaboration (synergic usage from the academy, government industry), has allowed that more than 500 companies Who were beneficed of their donation. So the companies could communicate and internalize in their processes some international policies, worldwide known models, good software engineering skills and the necessities of the Brazilian software industry


The evolution of performance of the companies that adopted the MPS-SW is being followed by the iMPS Project – Results of Organizations Performance that adopted the MPS model, that annual and systematically offers the data collect from the companies participants. In 2013, the iMPS has registered in its historical bases the total of 923 questionnaires referred to 364 organizations that participated in the data collect since 2008


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